GDPR & Privacy Policy
Metalock OSM d.o.o.respects your concerns about privacy. This Data Protection Policy is designed to inform
you about the processing of your personal data and your rights under the General Data Protection Regulations
(GDPR) and the applicable national law.
GDPR : means Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 2016 ( General Data Protection Regulation)
IMPORTANT: By submitting data to us through our website / you give us your consent that
all personal data that you submit may be stored and processed in the manner and for the purpose described as

Purposes of Data Processing
Metalock OSM d.o.o. is a Croatian company with registered office 44000 SISAK, Kralja Tomislava 24, registered
VAT HR54926165085
Personal data collected will also be processed by us in order to provide you information about contract offers
available. Your personal information is not used for other purposes, unless we obtain your permission, or
unless otherwise required or permitted by law or professional standards.
Any operation or set of operation which is performed on personal data or on sets of personal data, whether or
not by automated means , such as collection , recording , organization , structuring , storage , adaptation or
alteration , retrieval , consultation , use , disclosure by transmission , dissemination or otherwise making
available , alignment or combination , restriction , erasure or destruction .
Information We Collect
We collect and process the information you give us through various ways: through our website and social
media channels, through phone and fax, through on line and in person job applications, in connection with our
interactions with clients. The business partner shall process the personal data only to the extend , and in such a
manner as is necessary for the purpose of this and in accordance with instruction from time and shall not
process the personal data for any other purpose , the business partner will keep a record of any processing of
personal data it carried out on behalf of the company in accordance with its obligations as stipulated under
The business partner shall ensure that access to the personal data is limited to :
• Those employees who need access to the personal data to meet the service company obligation under this
• In the case of any access by any employee , such part or parts of the personal data as is strictly necessary for
performance of that employee, s duties
Disclosure Of Your Personal Data
We do not share, sell or distribute your Personal Data with unrelated third parties, except under these limited
Personal Data will be transferred to third parties who act as Employers or Contractors for further processing in
accordance with the purposes for which the data was originally collected. To the extent that goals other than
those for which you have given consent are identified, we will duly inform you and request a new consent.
We transfer the personal information we collect from you to countries that may not have the same data
protection laws as the country in which you initially provided the information. Where appropriate, before
disclosing Personal Data to a third party, we contractually require the third party to take adequate precautions
to protect that data and maintain confidentiality.
Personal Data Integrity And Security
We strive to maintain the reliability, accuracy, completeness and currency of Personal Data in our databases
and to protect the privacy and security of our databases. We maintain administrative, technical and physical
safeguards designed to protect the personal information you provide against accidental, unlawful or
unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure or use.
Our employees who have access to personal data have been trained to handle these data properly and in accordance with our security protocols and strict privacy standards.
In order to achieve the above-mentioned goals, we use service providers: for example hosting, platform, maintenance services; emails and SMS sending services. Through contractual arrangements, we ensure that these providers guarantee a high level of data protection, even if the data is transferred to a country where another level of data protection is used, for which there was no appropriate decision of the EU Commission.

An IP address is a number assigned to your computer whenever you access the internet. IP addresses from which visitors appear to originate may be recorded for IT security and system diagnostic purposes. This information may also be used in aggregate form to conduct web site trend and performance analysis.

Storage Of Your Personal Data
Personal data will be stored only for as long as reasonably necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or to comply with any legal or ethical reporting or document retention requirements (e.g. for the purpose of presenting them to tax authorities) or until you revoke your consent .


The business partner warrants that :
• It will be process the personal data in compliance with the GDRP and all applicable laws, enactments , regulation, orders, standards and other similar instruments
• It will take appropriate technical and organizational security measures against the unauthorized or unlawful processing of personal data and against the accidental loss or destruction of , damage to , personal data to ensure the company’s compliance with the GDPR : and
• It will ensure that any new IT infrastructure development is undertaken in accordance with the GDPR The business partner shall notify the company immediately if it becomes aware of:
• Any unauthorized or unlawful processing , loss of , damage to or destruction of the personal data
• Any advance in technology and methods which means that the company should revise its security measures

These General Terms and Conditions apply only for commercial business with companies. They refer to all kind of repair
work, work on equipment and any kind of work performed by Metalock OSM d.o.o.,. They form an integral part of all
quotations and contracts of Metalock OSM d.o.o.for supplies and services and shall apply to any current or future business
relationship. Agreements deviating from these General Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to contradictory
terms and conditions of the customer (“Customer”), and side agreements shall only become an integral part of the contract
upon Metalock OSM d.o.o., consenting expressly and in writing to its inclusion. This obligation shall be valid also in cases
where Metalock OSM d.o.o., being fully aware of Customer’s conditions performs works or supplies without any reservation.
1. Offer and Conclusion of Contract
1.1 Offers and quotations of Metalock OSM d.o.o., are not binding unless expressly agreed by Metalock OSM d.o.o.,. They
shall only include such services that are explicitly specified therein.
1.2 In cases of doubt contracts are only deemed to have been concluded once Metalock OSM d.o.o. has accepted in writing
the work or purchase orders placed with it or has delivered the supplies or performed the services ordered by Customer. This
shall apply mutatis mutandis to all amendments to or alterations of contracts.
2. Scope of Contractual Obligations / Documents
2.1 In cases of doubt regarding the scope of the contractual obligations, the content of the written order confirmation by
Metalock OSM d.o.o., and of the documents listed therein shall be decisive. Additional expenses due to errors in drawings
and other documents provided by Customer shall be borne by the Customer.
2.2 All data provided by Metalock OSM d.o.o., to the Customer and Metalock OSM d.o.o., documents forming the basis of
the contract (such as drawings, details of measurements and weights or technical descriptions) contain approximate
descriptions only. Metalock OSM d.o.o., reserves the right to implement minor changes. In case of doubt explanations of
Metalock OSM d.o.o., in respect of the contract (e.g. general or technical specifications, reference to DIN-Standards etc.) do
not contain a guarantee or warranty.
2.3 Metalock OSM d.o.o., reserves its proprietary rights, copyrights and other industrial property rights in the documents
referred to under 2.2 above. Unless agreed otherwise in writing by Metalock OSM d.o.o.,, above documents may not be used
for any other purpose but the fulfilment of the respective contracts entered into with Metalock OSM d.o.o.,; in particular
they shall not be reproduced or disclosed to third parties. Upon request of Metalock OSM d.o.o., they shall be returned by
the Customer to Metalock OSM d.o.o., without delay.
2.4 If Metalock OSM d.o.o., uses plans or other documents and information provided by Customer to perform its services,
the Customer shall be obligated to indemnify and hold Metalock OSM d.o.o., harmless against any claims from third parties
based on violations of proprietary rights, copyrights and industrial property rights resulting from the utilization of such plans,
documents or information provided by the Customer.
2.5 The scope of repairs and their expediency shall be determined exclusively by the Customer. Metalock OSM d.o.o., does
not verify the substantive correctness of statements provided by the Customer or third parties. Metalock OSM d.o.o., is not
obligated to examine the object of its performance for the purpose of identifying latent defects.
2.6 Metalock OSM d.o.o., shall be entitled to have third parties execute all or part of the work assigned to it.
3. Authorized Representatives Customer shall inform Metalock OSM d.o.o., in writing no later than upon delivery of the
object of performance which person (or persons other than the managing director) shall be authorized as representative in
his absence to make and receive declarations to and from Metalock OSM d.o.o., and to enter into agreements with Metalock
OSM d.o.o., 4. Prices
4.1 All prices are net in Euros (EUR) or Kuna (HRK), ex Metalock OSM d.o.o.,, plus value added tax where and to the extent
4.2 In the event of cost increases (for wages, energy, taxes, materials, etc.) occurring between the conclusion of contract and
the time of performance, Metalock OSM d.o.o., shall be entitled at its fair discretion to demand a price adjusted accordingly
that shall not exceed its prices generally in force at the time of performance, provided that more than four (4) months have
elapsed between the conclusion of contract and its performance.
4.3 In the event performance of the contract by Metalock OSM d.o.o., becomes entirely or partially impossible for reasons
beyond Metalock OSM d.o.o., control, the Customer shall owe the pro-rata share of the remuneration for supplies and
services so far provided.
5. Payments
5.1 Unless agreed otherwise payment to Metalock OSM d.o.o., shall become due thirty (30) days upon receipt of invoice
without deduction. After that date the customer is in default of payment.
5.2 Metalock OSM d.o.o., shall be entitled to interest at six (6) percentage points p.a. above the then applicable base rate
from the date of default. Metalock OSM d.o.o., shall have the right to claim further damages on the grounds of default.
5.3 The object of Metalock OSM d.o.o., performance shall only be returned or handed over by Metalock OSM d.o.o., to the
Customer upon full satisfaction of claims for remuneration then due at the time of delivery, irrespective of resulting from the
underlying order or from any other orders of the Customer. If the object of Metalock OSM d.o.o. performance is delayed on
the grounds of default of payment by the Customer, all costs shall be at Customer’s expense. In case of defects the customer
shall not have a right of detention unless Metalock OSM d.o.o., performance is obviously inadequate respectively the
customer has a right to refuse acceptance of Metalock OSM d.o.o., performance; in such cases the Customer shall have a
reasonable right of retention only in view of the likely costs of supplementary performance.
5.4 If the Customer’s business shall be operated beyond the ordinary course of business which shall include, without
limitation, act of seizure, payments shall be delayed or even discontinued, judicial or out of court settlement or insolvency
proceedings shall have been petitioned or opened or proceedings in accordance with the German Insolvency Act (InsO) shall
have been petitioned, then Metalock OSM d.o.o., shall have the right to declare all claims arising from the business
relationship as immediately payable. The same shall apply if the Customer shall be in payment default towards Metalock
OSM d.o.o., or other incidents shall surface which give rise to doubts about its creditworthiness. Moreover, Metalock OSM
d.o.o., may in such event demand prepayments or a security deposit or rescind the agreement.
6. Assignment, Right of Retention
6.1 Customer shall not have the right to assign any claims or rights it may be entitled to against Metalock OSM d.o.o., to third
parties without Metalock OSM d.o.o., prior written consent.
6.2 The Customer may only set-off such claims against Metalock OSM d.o.o., claims as are uncontested, non-appealable or
ready for judgment (proven). Paragraph 5.3 remains unaffected.
6.3 Customer may assert a right of retention only to the extent its claim is based on the same contractual relationship.
7. Time Limits and Dates
7.1 Time limits and dates shall be binding on Metalock OSM d.o.o., only if they have been expressly agreed in writing. Where
no time limits or dates have been agreed upon in writing, the time limits and dates estimated by Metalock OSM d.o.o., shall
apply. In all other respects, the time limits and dates that are appropriate considering the nature and extent of performance,
difficulty of the task, etc. shall apply.
7.2 Agreed time limits and dates are based on working hours according to collective agreements binding for Metalock OSM
d.o.o., Prerequisite for the timely delivery or performance of services is the complete and timely fulfilment of all of
Customer’s responsibilities and obligations of cooperation including but not limited to the timely delivery of documents to be
provided by the Customer, the timely provision of the object of performance in a condition allowing the performance of work
on it, and the clarification of all commercial and technical questions (including price agreements). Agreed time limits and
dates shall be extended by any delay of due payments even in cases where Metalock OSM d.o.o., has not asserted the right
of retention or the right to refuse performance.
7.3 Subsequent changes of or supplements to the scope of supplies and services shall extend the time limits and dates in
accordance with the supplementary time required therefore.
7.4 Any occurrence of force majeure or of other circumstances beyond Metalock OSM d.o.o., control – regardless of whether
Version November 2016 Page 2 / 3 Metalock OSM d.o.o., or its suppliers – shall release Metalock OSM d.o.o., from its
obligation to deliver supplies or perform services for the duration of the effects thereof. Should any such occurrence render
Metalock OSM d.o.o., supplies or services impossible, Metalock OSM d.o.o., shall be fully released from its obligation.
7.5 If the completion of the object of performance by Metalock OSM d.o.o., is delayed, Customer shall have the right, if it has
suffered a proven damage, and notwithstanding Customer’s right to rescind the contract in accordance with the statutory
requirements for such rescission, to claim without rescinding the contract compensation for such delay in the amount of
0.5% of the contract price per full week of delay with a maximum of 5% of the contract price to the exclusion of any further
claim for damages. This limitation shall not apply if the delay is due to serious fault (wilful misconduct or gross negligence) of
the management of Metalock OSM d.o.o.,
8. Provision of the Object of Performance Customer must provide to Metalock OSM d.o.o., the object of performance in a
condition that allows the performance of work thereon, in particular in accordance with all safety requirements, at the
agreed place and at the agreed time in a manner to allow commencement of the works. Customer shall be responsible for
keeping guard of its object of performance. If the Customer does not provide the object of performance in a condition
allowing the performance of work thereon, or not at the agreed time, Metalock OSM d.o.o., shall be entitled to refuse
commencing services and/or to charge all costs connected therewith to Customer.
9. Execution of Work
9.1 Customer must notify Metalock OSM d.o.o., timely and in writing of any work executed by own staff or by authorized
third parties. Such work is performed at the exclusive risk and responsibility of the Customer.
9.2 All facilities and areas must be protected by the Customer against accident hazards.
9.3 All scrap (replaced parts, substances, etc.) removed in the course of works shall pass into Metalock OSM d.o.o.,
ownership without compensation if Metalock OSM d.o.o., so desires.
9.4 Regardless of paragraph 9.3 above, Customer must dispose of all toxic substances and hazardous waste at its own
expense and without delay, unless such disposal is included in Metalock OSM d.o.o., contractual performance.
9.5 Customer’s staff and all persons retained by the Customer or present during Metalock OSM d.o.o., work must observe
during their presence at the place of work all statutory provisions and the regulations established by Metalock OSM d.o.o.,
(e.g. Metalock OSM d.o.o., rules), and must carry identification.
10. Acceptance and Trial Runs
10.1 Customer must accept the object of performance immediately upon Metalock OSM d.o.o., request. Acceptance shall be
deemed to have occurred at the latest upon Customer’s using the object of performance.
10.2 If Customer does not accept the object of performance within the time allowed despite the Metalock OSM d.o.o.,
having sent a reminder setting an appropriate time limit to the Customer, Metalock OSM d.o.o., shall be entitled to rescind
the contract and/or to claim damages at Metalock OSM d.o.o., option either in the form of indemnification of the loss
actually suffered or – without furnishing proof of loss – in the amount of ten (10) % of the agreed contract price. The
Customer however retains the right to prove in particular that Metalock OSM d.o.o., did not suffer any loss at all or suffered
only a significantly lower loss.
10.3 In cases where testing or a trial run is planned, Customer shall provide the staff as well as any consumables, materials
and other supplies required for the implementation of testing or of the trial run. For the duration of testing or of the trial run,
Customer shall assume the risk of errors in operation by his own staff or other agents employed in the performance of
Customer’s obligation, as well as the risk of accidental loss or accidental deterioration of the object of performance.
11. Place of Performance and Passing of Risk
11.1 The place of Metalock OSM d.o.o., contractual performance shall be the respective Metalock OSM d.o.o., branch
performing the work unless another place of performance has been agreed upon.
11.2 Subject to the provisions of paragraph 10.3 hereof, the risk of accidental loss or accidental deterioration shall pass to
the Customer in any case upon delivery of the object of performance to the Customer. Should the same be delayed for
reasons for which the Customer is responsible, the risk of accidental loss and accidental deterioration or the object of
performance shall pass to the Customer on the day on which notice of readiness for redelivery or delivery is made to the
12. Retention of Title / Contractual Lien
12.1 Metalock OSM d.o.o., shall retain full title of the goods that have been delivered until the Customer has discharged all
claims arising from the business relationship which shall include any account balance.
12.2 The Customer shall have the right to dispose of the goods delivered by Metalock OSM d.o.o., within the ordinary course
of business. The authority granted hereunder shall cease in the cases referred to in paragraph 5.4 above. Moreover,
Metalock OSM d.o.o., may withdraw the sales authority of the Customer through written notice if the Customer shall be in
breach of any obligation owed to Metalock OSM d.o.o., and shall in particular be in payment default or if Metalock OSM
d.o.o., shall become aware of other incidents that give rise to doubts about Customer’s creditworthiness.
12.3 The Customer’s right to process the goods delivered shall also be subject to the limitations set out in subsection 12.2
above. The Customer shall not acquire title to the fully or partly processed goods; the processing shall be free of charge for
Metalock OSM d.o.o., benefit as Manufacturer . If Metalock OSM d.o.o., should, for whatever reason, lose its rights under
the retention of title, then it is hereby agreed between Metalock OSM d.o.o., and the Customer that Metalock OSM d.o.o.,
shall acquire title upon processing of the goods and the Customer shall remain custodian of the goods which shall be free of
12.4 If the goods in which Metalock OSM d.o.o., has retained title shall be inseparably assembled or mixed with goods that
are third party property, then Metalock OSM d.o.o., shall acquire co-title in the new goods or the mixed stock. The
proportion of title shall follow from the proportion of the invoice value of the goods delivered by Metalock OSM d.o.o.,
under retention of title and the invoice value of the other goods.
12.5 Goods in which Metalock OSM d.o.o., shall acquire sole or co-title in accordance with subsection 12.3 and 12.4 shall,
the same as with regard to the goods delivered under retention of title according to subsection 12.1 above, be regarded as
goods delivered under retention of title for the purposes of the following paragraphs.
12.6 The Customer hereby assigns to Metalock OSM d.o.o., all claims arising from the resale of the goods delivered under
retention of title. Such claims shall also include claims against the bank which, within the scope of such sale, shall have issued
or confirmed a letter of credit for the benefit of the Customer (=reseller). Metalock OSM d.o.o., hereby accepts such
assignment. If the goods delivered under retention of title shall be a processed good or a mixed stock, where, in addition to
the goods delivered by Metalock OSM d.o.o.,, only such goods exist that are either the Customer’s property or a third party
property as a result of a (simple) retention of title, then the Customer shall assign all of the claim arising from the resale. In
the other case, i.e. in the event of a conflict between pre-assignment claims by other suppliers, Metalock OSM d.o.o., shall
be entitled to receive any resale proceeds on a pro rata basis which shall be determined in proportion to the invoice value of
Metalock OSM d.o.o., goods and the other processed or mixed goods.
12.7 Where Metalock OSM d.o.o., claims shall be undoubtedly be secured through the assignment by more than 120%, any
surplus of receivables and/or goods delivered under retention of title shall, upon demand of the Customer, be released in
accordance with Metalock OSM d.o.o., choice.
12.8 Customer shall be authorised to collect any receivables arising from the resale of goods. Such authority shall cease to
exist in the event that there shall no longer be an ordinary course of business as defined in paragraph 5.4 above. If the
aforementioned authority shall cease to exist or be withdrawn by Metalock OSM d.o.o.,, then the Customer shall upon
Metalock OSM d.o.o., demand immediately specify to Metalock OSM d.o.o., its debtors in the claims assigned and provide
Metalock OSM d.o.o., with all information and documentation necessary for collection.
12.9 In the event of any third party action against Metalock OSM d.o.o., goods delivered under retention of title or any
receivables assigned to Metalock OSM d.o.o.,, the Customer shall notify such party of Metalock OSM d.o.o., property / right
and immediately inform Metalock OSM d.o.o., about such action. The Customer shall bear the costs of any intervention.
12.10 If the Customer shall be in breach of contract, in particular in payment default, then it shall, upon Metalock OSM
d.o.o., demand, immediately return Metalock OSM d.o.o., GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR PERFORMANCE OF
SERVICES AND REPAIR WORK Version November 2016 Page 3 / 3 to Metalock OSM d.o.o. all goods delivered under retention
of title and assign to Metalock OSM d.o.o., any repossession claims against any third party in conjunction with such goods.
Any repossession or enforcement proceedings with regard to the goods delivered under retention of title shall not be
regarded as a rescission of this agreement.
12.11 In order to safeguard Metalock OSM d.o.o., debts arising from the contract in question Customer provides a
contractual lien on the object of performance.
13. Defects
13.1 Customer must notify Metalock OSM d.o.o., of any defect in writing immediately upon its discovery. Subject to
paragraph 14.2 and 14.3 hereof, Metalock OSM d.o.o., shall not be liable for the aggravation of defects occurring due to late
notice of defects.
13.2 In case of insubstantial deviation from the agreed performance or in case of insubstantial impairment of serviceability
the Customer shall have no defect claims.
13.3 Customer must provide Metalock OSM d.o.o., the opportunity to rectify the defect within reasonable time two times,
which, at the choice of Metalock OSM d.o.o.,, may be through elimination of the defect or production of new work.
13.4 Objects of performance must be made available to Metalock OSM d.o.o., for the purpose of rectification of defects at
the place of performance specified in paragraph 11 hereof. If this is economically inefficient, Customer shall be entitled to
have the work done by another Service provider (“Third-Party Service Provider”) upon mutual agreement with Metalock
OSM d.o.o.,. In this case, Metalock OSM d.o.o., shall reimburse Customer all expenses proven necessary for such work.
13.5 Customer’s claims for reimbursement of expenses incurred for the facilitation of rectification including but not limited
to the cost of making the object of performance available at the place of performance specified in paragraph 11 hereof, shall
be excluded.
13.6 In cases of notified defects, Metalock OSM d.o.o., shall only be obligated to rectify the defect after Customer having
paid a portion of the contract price that is deemed reasonable considering the notified defect.
13.7 If rectification finally fails, or if such rectification cannot be reasonably expected to be acceptable to Metalock OSM
d.o.o., or the Customer, or if rectification is associated with disproportionate costs and is, for this reason, refused by
Metalock OSM d.o.o.,, Customer may, subject to statutory requirements, rescind the contract or reasonably reduce the
remuneration without prejudice to claims for damages that Customer may otherwise have.
13.8 Metalock OSM d.o.o., obligation for payment of damages shall be governed by paragraph 14.2 and 14.3 hereof.
13.9 Replaced parts shall pass into Metalock OSM d.o.o., ownership if Metalock OSM d.o.o., so desires.
13.10 Subject to paragraph 14.2 and 14.3 hereof, any claims and rights of the Customer in connection with defects shall be
null and void if the supplies or services performed are altered, treated, processed, or handled or repaired improperly by the
Customer or third parties not authorized by Metalock OSM d.o.o.,.
13.11 Unless agreed otherwise between Metalock OSM d.o.o., and the Customer, all claims of the Customer against
Metalock OSM d.o.o., regarding defects shall become time-barred after one year commencing upon acceptance according to
paragraph 10, in case of buildings three years after acceptance. This period of limitation, however, shall not apply if and to
the extent the defect was maliciously concealed and/or any of the liability cases specified under paragraph 14.3 hereof apply.
14. Liability and Insurance
14.1 Metalock OSM d.o.o., shall not be liable for damages resulting from incorrect plans, incorrect drawings or other
documents provided by the Customer or the lack of stability of the object of performance.
14.2 Unless stated otherwise in these terms and conditions the liability of Metalock OSM d.o.o., for the failure of contractual
or non-contractual obligations is subject to the applicable law.
14.2.1 Claims for damages are restricted to the violation of essential contractual obligations. In this case any claim is limited
to foreseeable damages that are typical to the contract, but maximum € 200.000,00 per claim.
14.2.2 The above exemptions and limitations of liability do not apply to gross negligence or willful misconduct; fatal injuries,
personal injuries and damage to health; a warranty for the presence of particular characteristics; if Metalock OSM d.o.o.,
maliciously withheld information about the damage/deficiency; to the law on product liability.
14.3 Claims other than those provided herein or in the contract entered into with the Customer shall be excluded, subject to
the provisions of 14.2.2. above. In particular Metalock OSM d.o.o., shall – except to the case of essential contractual
obligations – not be liable for damages of the Customer arising from a grossly negligent breach of duty, in particular the
breach of duty to exercise proper care and supervision of ordinary agents employed by Metalock OSM d.o.o., in the
performance of its obligations.
14.4 To protect itself against the consequences of above exclusion and limitation of liability, Customer shall be required to
cover the relevant risks by taking out all necessary insurance policies. Customer shall in particular ensure that hull and P&I
Insurance is in place for the duration of the services, work, maintenance, conversion or repair work assumed by Metalock
OSM d.o.o., Customer must include Metalock OSM d.o.o., as well as its executive bodies, senior management and agents
employed by it in the performance of its obligations by way of coinsurance in the insurance policy.
15. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law
15.1 The commercial courts of Zagreb have jurisdiction for any litigation that may directly or indirectly arise out of the
contractual relationship between Metalock OSM d.o.o., and the Customer. Metalock OSM d.o.o., shall, however, at its
option, be entitled to assert claims against the Customer also before courts having jurisdiction over the residence, place of
business, assets or the subject matter of the work performed. Mandatory statutory jurisdiction shall remain unaffected.
15.2 The laws of the Republic of CROATIA shall apply exclusively, to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on
Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).
16. Partial Invalidity, Data Protection
16.1. The invalidity of any provision of these general terms and conditions shall not affect the validity of the other provisions.
Invalid provisions shall be deemed to be replaced by such valid provisions that shall be suitable to implement the economic
purpose of the deleted provision to the greatest extent possible.
16.2 These Terms and Conditions are done in English language.